Posted on March 9th, 2012 // Business cards, Letterpress

Just thought we’d throw a post out to the world to show off what we’ve been up to lately. Spring is in the air and I think it’s showing in the jobs we’ve been printing. Color! There’s also been a trend of adventurous edging. A colored edge on your card is a great way to add some effect to a blind impression, especially.



  1. Nicole Corona

    Love and covet.

  2. Leo

    Cool stuff. How do you get color on the sides of the card, and is the Carbure logo printed blind embossed or just letterpressed without ink extra hard?

  3. Rebecca Robson

    Gorgeous cards!

  4. todd

    Is there a site or resource we can use to see available card/paper stocks, colors, and textures for your fantastic work? Thank You!

  5. mandate

    Since we deal with so many different types of paper and inks the best place to start is to just tell us about your project and what you have in mind. Then we can help suggest papers specific to you and your needs.