The Season of the Witch: Taxes
Posted on April 4th, 2012 // Business cards, Letterpress, News, Printing

Taxes are a universal no-fun zone. We can’t think of a single human that rejoices in doing their taxes, save for sadists, and/or masochists, maybe. However, since that¬†inevitable time of the year is here, we’d like to sweeten the deal. From today, April 4th, until the end of the month we’re giving an EXTRA 10% OFF all CUSTOM ORDERS.

Yippie! This is in addition to our regular 10% discount for giving us 2 weeks on your order, so, if you give us the 2 weeks on your custom order + this tax day sale, you’re actually getting 20% off your order! This applies to all custom orders: business cards, wedding invites, note cards, envelopes, you name it.

So, request an estimate today!

*This sale is for custom orders only – it does not apply to our $95 cards.


  1. Mallory Baker

    I’m in love with your web site. If I could marry it, I would.

  2. mandate

    Thanks Mallory!
    You’re too kind, and we think you may want to think about upping your standards, you can do way better!