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The Season of the Witch: Taxes
Posted on April 4th, 2012 // Business cards, Letterpress, News, Printing //

Taxes are a universal no-fun zone. We can’t think of a single human that rejoices in doing their taxes, save for sadists, and/or masochists, maybe. However, since that inevitable time of the year is here, we’d like to sweeten the deal. From today, April 4th, until the end of the month we’re giving an EXTRA 10% OFF all CUSTOM ORDERS.

Yippie! This is in addition to our regular 10% discount for giving us 2 weeks on your order, so, if you give us the 2 weeks on your custom order + this tax day sale, you’re actually getting 20% off your order! This applies to all custom orders: business cards, wedding invites, note cards, envelopes, you name it.

So, request an estimate today!

*This sale is for custom orders only – it does not apply to our $95 cards.


  1. Mallory Baker

    I’m in love with your web site. If I could marry it, I would.

  2. mandate

    Thanks Mallory!
    You’re too kind, and we think you may want to think about upping your standards, you can do way better!


The Moveable Type Truck & The Mandate Press
Posted on March 29th, 2012 // Inspiration, Letterpress, News, Posters & Prints, Printing //

We’re so excited and honored to have Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press (Portland) stop at The Mandate Press! So here’s the short and the long about Kyle and The Moveable Type Truck: Kyle was a girl who loved two things, letterpress and road trips. So, in 2010, she utilized to fund a campaign so that she could launch a moveable letterpress operation, not just the type, but the whole shebang. Kyle got herself a 1982 Chevy step van and converted it into a fully functional letterpress shop. Now she travels the nation bringing the art and function of letterpress to a town near you!

We’re elated to have her park her ride at the shop and you’re all invited! We’re making a print for all of you who show up and crank a press.

When: April 2nd (Monday)

Time: 4pm – 7ish

Where: The Mandate Press 1077 South Main St. SLC, UT 84111

Why: Duh.

You can also stay current with the happenings of the event by joining our Facebook event.

We hope to see you all here and if you can’t make it to our shop, make sure to check out the rest of the type-truck tour!

Also, if you’re in Utah and you’ve been putting off submitting an application for Craft Lake City, have no fear! Some Craft Lake City peeps will be here too for you to learn more.

*some images courtesy of Kyle Durrie




  1. Kat & Coral

    Hey Hey! Would love love love to get more info on the truck – such a great story. Coral & I are launching a killer cool creative marketing firm on Martha’s Vineyard and would love to use your letterpress/moveable truck as our business card of choice. Love the originality of the idea etc. etc. – we have a brother in the area who’s jazzed to represent – more info would be rad – could be get them made on site? would you need a full design work up?

    Thanks a million –

    C & K

  2. Danielle


    Thanks for you interest. I’m not quite clear on what you’re suggesting, but if you’d like some cards printed up, you can send us a request for an estimate to print[at]

    Kyle Durrie is affiliated with Power & Light Press out of Portland, OR and is just making a stop at our humble shop as part of her nation-wide tour. If you’s like to get more info about how to get her to stop at your place, you can visit her website:

    Hope this helps!

  3. Sirirut


  4. Dimitris Pap

    Beautiful posters!


Posted on March 9th, 2012 // Business cards, Letterpress //

Just thought we’d throw a post out to the world to show off what we’ve been up to lately. Spring is in the air and I think it’s showing in the jobs we’ve been printing. Color! There’s also been a trend of adventurous edging. A colored edge on your card is a great way to add some effect to a blind impression, especially.



  1. Nicole Corona

    Love and covet.

  2. Leo

    Cool stuff. How do you get color on the sides of the card, and is the Carbure logo printed blind embossed or just letterpressed without ink extra hard?

  3. Rebecca Robson

    Gorgeous cards!

  4. todd

    Is there a site or resource we can use to see available card/paper stocks, colors, and textures for your fantastic work? Thank You!

  5. mandate

    Since we deal with so many different types of paper and inks the best place to start is to just tell us about your project and what you have in mind. Then we can help suggest papers specific to you and your needs.


Carl Richards: The Best Coffee Date, Ever
Posted on February 21st, 2012 // Inspiration, News, Posters & Prints, Printing //

Carl Richards is probably the one person you would love to have coffee with. Maybe even a beer. Or tapas. Well, quite frankly you want to be with Carl Richards anywhere that there is ready access to a cocktail napkin and a pen. Carl has created a name for himself in the world of finance and investing by being, well, it’s simple: honest and succinct. He makes financial concepts easy to understand with the quick gesture of a sharpie on a napkin. Which almost sounds like something out of a MoMA exhibition: *insert pretentious curatorial voice* Sharpie on Napkin. However, in all actuality, Carl is an artist. This is also where we get involved, in case you were wondering why it is that some lowly printers know such a prestigious being.

Over time we’ve been printing 8″x10″ prints of Carl Richards’ financial napkin concepts and they are now a show, Visualizing Finance, at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. We also printed a limited edition letterpress cover for his book, The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways To Stop Doing Dumb Things With Money (Portfolio/Penguin, January 2012).

So, if you’re in Utah, we suggest you take a stroll up to Park City to check out his show. If you’re not around this neck of the woods, lucky for you, Carl Richards is a regular contributor to The New York Times Bucks Blog. You can see all of his financial concept napkin sketches here.

    1 Comment

  1. Dave

    Every Dad should share these financial concept napkin sketches with his children.