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You spoke, we listened. You wanted affordable letterpress business cards, and now you can have them. If you don't mind a longer turnaround, and black ink you can get 250 letterpressed calling cards for only $95. You can even supply your own design.

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Posted on July 15th, 2011 // Business cards, Letterpress, News //

So, we know, it looks as though we’ve been so busy that we’ve somehow neglected our blog…again. Well the time has come friends, we won’t stand for our own inactivity any longer. Consider this a promise to post.

We moved into a fantastic new spot. It’s taken us a minute to settle in and now we’re back into the swing of things.

Our friend  Spencer Charles, hand lettering extraordinaire, created an amazing sign to put in front of our shop. New digs, new sign. It is hand-painted and hands down awesome. This sign also gives us the chance to reiterate our great $95 calling card option. If a classic statement is your kind of gig, then our $95 cards are for you. We print them in black ink on white #110 (or#220, but will raise the price slightly) or chipboard, we have a plethora of designs to choose from, or you can even supply your own design. It really is almost too good to be true. Oh, black is too plain for you, you say? Have no fear – we can add colored edging to make your card standout (for a slight additional cost).

So, in this instance, yes, we are encouraging a drive-by from you. Especially the kind of drive-by where you stop in.

spencer charles hand letter sign


  1. Norik Davtian

    I ordered 250 of these cards with blue edges and I should say it was the best investment ever for my freelance service. Now my business cards scream “quality of service.”

    Thanks Mandate Press

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  3. Danielle

    Spencer is quite the talent!

  4. Danielle

    Yes! Quality is key. Glad to be of service.

  5. joyce

    planning to start my little crafty business soon and this is where i’m definitely going to get my business cards…i love letterpress and can’t believe the price!

  6. Danielle

    Yay! We are looking forward to it.


Letterpress Laboratory Seeking Summer Interns
Posted on April 19th, 2011 // Jobs, News //

The Mandate Press is currently accepting resumés for summer internships! We’re in search of two or three talented and responsible people interested in working at a world renowned letterpress shop.

Internship positions available:

• Letterpress Printing & Production
• Design & Prepress
• Retail Support
• Marketing

No experience necessary, however the right candidates will be willing to learn and work hard in a fast paced environment to help produce, finish, and ship some of the highest quality letterpress printing available today.

In exchange for your hard work, you’ll receive an education in the ever evolving world of modern letterpress and the potential for FT employment upon internship completion.

Send your resumé, the position(s) you’re interested in, and a list of reasons we should hire you to:

People who hate music and/or dogs need not apply.


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  2. Carina

    Jealous I live so far away. Otherwise, I’d jump on this opportunity! Good luck finding the right people.

  3. Matt Scribner

    I love all the work you guys do! I would love to be an intern for the summer be able to work in letterpress and be a part of what you do!

  4. Katherine Allred

    So exciting. I’m all over this.


Large Scale Letterpress
Posted on February 10th, 2011 // Letterpress, News, Posters & Prints, Printing //

I love design, I love print, and I love tattoos (it’s printing on skin!). So when the local chapter of the AIGA called and asked us if we’d be willing to donate printing to help promote an event called “Full Bleed, The Design and Tattoo Experience” the answer was a definite yes.

We’ll take any opportunity to support AIGA SLC because no matter what they’re up to it’s guaranteed to be great, but this one was really fantastic. The plan was to host a party to showcase the artwork and design of local tattoo artists. The talented Dan Christofferson ( was to provide the design and illustration, and we would print a poster and postcard for the event. The 16.5″x23″ poster and 6″x9″ postcard both featured an illustration that was a clever combination of traditional tattoo iconography peppered with printing and design jargon. The outcome was amazing and pushed the limits of modern letterpress with very heavy ink coverage and super tight registration.

Things got even better when the decision was made to hold the event at our new 8,000 square foot building, which we had not yet moved into. The folks of the AIGA did an amazing job with the place and Epic Brewery provided beverages for all. Rumor has it there were even a few tattoos received to commemorate the event.

The poster was printed on our behemoth 21″x28″ Heidelberg S Model Cylinder press. The thing is a true wonder and beautiful to watch. Its cylinder alone weighs as much as one whole Vandercook Number 4 proof press.

The postcard was printed on our Frontex Automatic, a tiny wonder of German ingenuity that has become a real asset to our shop. With a maximum sheet size of only 10″x15″ it’s essentially a miniature version of the Heidelberg cylinders but it packs quite a punch.

It was all printed on 100# Mohawk Superfine which was graciously supplied by Zellerbach.


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  7. Rachel


  8. Amber W.

    Wow, really amazing and inspiring. Great work. Now I wanna go to that event.

  9. AmyMae

    these are all wonderful! just stunning

  10. Lilian

    This is so awesome!

  11. Grammar Freak

    It’s cylinder alone weighs as much as one whole Vandercook Number 4 proof press.

    Um, it should read, “Its cylinder alone…”

  12. mandate

    Thank you grammarfreak. By the way, how’s the weather over their?


Surprise Announcement + Decoder Specs
Posted on December 20th, 2010 // Featured, Letterpress, Printing //

YOU: “We have some good news.”
MOM: “You’re pregnant?!”

YOU: “Hey, I have something to tell you.”
SISTER: “You’re pregnant?!”

YOU: “Hey Mom, where’s the spatula?”

YOU: “Dad, can I talk to you about something?”
DAD: “Sure, what’s up?”

How does a young couple surprise family and friends with news of a pregnancy if it’s already on (some of) their minds?
That was the problem we were asked to help solve and here’s what we came up with.

We figured that the root of the problem lies in the approach. The mere suggestion of information to be shared trips any woman’s baby radar faster than you can say “binky”.
So we thought it best to eliminate the approach all together. Sneak up on them. Ambush them with the great news.

To do this we created a letterpress printed announcement with the message hidden from view, as well as some custom printed and die-cut glasses to help decode the hidden text.
The simple monogramed letterpress card features a pleasant but ambiguous illustration printed only in red ink. The card politely asks that you adorn the accompanying glasses,
which at first resemble classic 3D movie shades only both of the lenses are red. When the card is viewed with the glasses the red lenses cancel out the red illustration and reveal
the great news that’s printed beneath. BAM! Surprise! No one saw it coming, not even Mom.

The piece was printed in two colors on Neenah Neutech 160# Pure White, die-cut and hand assembled, and earned us a Copper Ingot in the AIGA 100 Show.


  1. Peter

    This is amazing. What a great and fun idea. How much would something like this cost to produce?

  2. David

    Wow, great job guys. Very orginal. Did you have to work with another company to get the glasses?

  3. mandate

    Thanks David! As a matter of fact, we created the glasses ourselves. Printed, die-cut and then hand assembled here in the shop.

  4. mandate

    Glad you like it Peter! It depends, we custom price everything depending on how many are needed, etc. Drop us a line and we’ll gladly send you some pricing.

  5. B

    God that is creative. I am having the same issue right now and would love to do something similar. Awesome work

  6. Amanda Shea

    What a clever way to announce a pregnancy! That is the most unique message delivery I’ve seen yet. : ) I just linked to your site for the first time through a site I visit often: Your entire site is beautiful ~ I’m so LUX found you and mentioned you on their blog. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Amanda Shea

    I’m so ***glad*** LUX found you… (left of that key word!) : )

  8. Paulina J!

    This is one of the coolest things I have EVER seen!! CONGRATS! Is it something you would reproduce to sell?

  9. mandate

    Thanks Paulina! Yes, we can definitely produce this piece again and customize it for various uses.

  10. Arody

    It’s so amazing!!!!! Never thought what it would say! Loved it!

  11. Liz

    this is great! is the text ‘behind’ the red ink a blind impression, or did you print it with an opaque white? Amazing job!!!

  12. mandate

    The underlying message is actually printed in a light shade of blue.

  13. Vipul Divecha

    This is ingenious. Where did the glasses go? Were they attached to the back of the card?

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  16. Kate


  17. william

    Simply Brilliant! If it isn’t already, your motto should be “Quality never goes out of Style – for every occassion!”

  18. liz findlay

    Ben- hello from the Findlays.
    seriously, this is rad.
    nice work as always!
    Hope you and the fam are doing great.

  19. Ron Nelson

    Can the message on this card be customized. Say, an invitation to a party? Thank you!

  20. mandate

    Ron, yes the message could definitely be customized to about anything you’d like.

  21. Debi Sementelli (@Letterheadgirl)

    Love this!!! Very creative, fun and cool.

  22. Debi Sementelli (@Letterheadgirl)

    Pricing on this???

  23. mandate

    Unfortunately we don’t offer any stock pricing on projects like this, but instead prefer to customize pricing to your needs. If you give us a little more info on our Request An Estimate page we’ll send you a custom quote right away.

  24. Hot Off the Presses | Smith & Ratliff

    [...] If you need anything (anything!) printed, please take a look at Mandate. They were fantastic to work with and their portfolio makes me drool. I mean, just look at this incredible announcement. [...]

  25. Danielle

    Thanks for the kind words and the endearing spot of drool ;)

  26. Danielle

    Debi – we’ll have someone contact you about pricing.

  27. cheryll villamor

    My husband and I recently found out we were pregnant and would love to use this announcement to mail to our friends and families. Please let me know the cost to mail for about 30-40 people =)

  28. mimi schürch

    Hi, how much would it cost to print 50 of these custom made? I am happy to assemble the glasses myself, no problem. they are wonderful!!
    would be for a wedding announcement

  29. Danielle

    If you would send a request for an estimate we can get you some pricing: print[at]

  30. rohit

    Dear sir,
    can tell me is there any special ink u have use in this print, let me know, i am trying to print same u have print

    Thank you
    Rohit Hiware

  31. The Mandate Press

    Nothing special – just oil based printing ink.

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